This tutorial teaches you how to add a Google Account on TracFone ZTE Blade T2 Lite Z559DL.

To access the "Play Store" as well as some of the other applications on your Android phone, you will need to add or create a free Google Account. Note that a Google Account is the same as a Gmail Account.

TracFone ZTE Blade T2 Lite: Add a Google Account

  1. From the main screen, tap the "Google" folder.

ZTE phone Home Screen

  1. Tap the "Gmail" icon.

ZTE phone Gmail app

  1. Tap "Add an email address".

TracFone Android Add Google Acccount

  1. Tap "Google".

Samsun Phone Email Setup

  1. Enter your Gmail address, then tap "NEXT".

TracFone Android Input Google

Note: If you need a Google account, select "Create account" then follow the prompts, or visit

  1. Enter your Gmail password, then tap "NEXT".

TracFone Android Input Password

  1. Review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy prompt, then tap "I AGREE".

TracFone Android Google Agreement

  1. Review the Google services prompt, then select the "Back up to Google Drive" switch if you wish to do so. Tap "ACCEPT " to complete Google Sign-In.

TracFone Android Google Backup

  1. Tap "TAKE ME TO GMAIL".

TracFone Android Succes Add Google

  1. Congratulations, you've finished this tutorial. The email account has been configured and is ready for use.